They say success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration; well I've got perspiration. I've got perspiration coming out of my ears! ... Where was I?  Oh yes, my sweaty, sweaty ears. But what happens when that perspiration and inspiration mean you hit your limits before you've completed the requisite socialisation? Sweatier ears for a start. … Continue reading Success


Maybe it's the change in weather as the Autumn leaves start to fall, but I'm in hiatus. I've been frantically busy for a month and now I'm feeling that energy hangover. From my aching joints, to my slow-moving limbs, I am tired. I feel distanced from the world at times like this. Cocooned in some … Continue reading Hiatus

Overcoming autism?

      I often read this narrative online, "So-and-so overcame their autism and succeeded at something."  It makes me feel uncomfortable. It makes me worry that one day someone might say, "Rhi overcame her autism to write", which would be to fundamentally misunderstand both me and my autism.  One of the positives of autism … Continue reading Overcoming autism?